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Why start with harp posture? Playing the Celtic harp, like playing any instrument, is an athletic activity that requires good posture. Because the harp is asymmetrical it rests on one shoulderit is crucial that you pay attention to the alignment of your body as you play. Doing otherwise means that you could end up with strained muscles and other issues that could easily be avoided.

My first floor-sized Celtic harp was too short for me, and I played with a lot of pain from over-rotating my shoulder. This required ongoing chiropractic intervention, which I could minimize only after if I had a teacher to help me with my harp posture and set-up. Regardless of which harp you play, you should be able to sit up straight and reach the middle of the strings without twisting or hunching your shoulders or anything else.

Here is a picture of good harp posture at a taller floor harp tilted to rest on the right shoulder.

harp stool

Look again at the picture. Notice that:. The way to achieve this posture is to sit on your bench with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight imagine lengthening the back of your neck slightly to relax it, and the rest of your spine will naturally straighten and relax in that position. For anything but a very small floor harp, put the harp at a distance and angle where you can reach it with your knees, and tilting it back onto your right shoulder will make the strings roughly perpendicular to the floor.

Keep your body aligned and move the harp until you can tilt it back without changing your upright posture. Remember, the harp must be adjusted to you, not the other way around! If you have a small floor harp or a lap harp, your harp posture is even more crucial.

Some smaller harps can be played without tilting them back, and this may make it easier to sit up straight at the instrument. Either way, if your floor harp is too short for you, and you find yourself crouching lower, try putting the harp on a small wooden box I used to use a desk drawer, turned upside-down.

Stool of Repentance: harp festival. Анатолий Исаев, Владимир Волков, Катерина Московскова

If you have to play in public, you can always drape the box with a pretty piece of fabric. I noticed that Kim Robertson uses a breakfast tray, draped in velvet, for one of her shorter harps! Sometimes, a milk crate is useful, if you need a lot of height. Put a pretty cloth over it and no one will know what it is! It is far better to raise the harp than to shorten your stool to the point that your legs are cramped.The different finishing and colours satisfy any needs and harmoniously blend in with every furniture and in every context.

The HARP stool is adaptable and can be used as complementary item for the lounge chair or, with an optional cushion, as a 'jolly' seat. Outdoor lounge chairs are versatile elements that enriche your outdoor living room.

harp stool

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Download Fact Sheet. Fabrics texture. Features Structure. Powder coated stainless steel. Polyester or acrylic cords with cottony finish. Standard or hydro-draining. More Projects. Leave us a comment We are pleased to know your opinion and your suggestions.Posted By: Comments: At home, I use an expensive ergonomic harp chair which is too big and heavy to take to gigs.

So for a long time I used a folding bench on jobs, which didn't offer any back support and which had laughably little comfort. I've been taking this chair with me to frequent gigs for about a month now and I love it!

It's comfortable, gives my back a little support when I need it, doesn't "cut in" to the backs of my thighs during those long jobs, looks nice, and adjusts in height easily and securely. It is equally comfortable for use with pedal harp or lever harp.

The padding on the cushion doesn't compress down to nothing like on cheap folding benches; it continues to provide very effective support. Yes, this chair is a bit heavier than a folding bench, but it's worth it. The construction feels sturdy and reliable, which lighter chairs and benches often don't.

Whereas when I was using a folding bench on jobs, I would sorely miss my cushy ergonomic bench back home, this chair is the perfect fit while on the road. I would heartily recommend this chair for gigging harpists on the go who need something eminently portable and yet comfortable. Posted By: Allison Hampton Comments: Having this chair ends all the mystery about what size chair you will find upon arriving at a gig, or even a concert situation.

No more body contortions to accomodate the too high chair you are given! It folds and adjusts easily, and looks very professional. And, when I'm not traveling with it, I use it in my teaching studio, where it adjusts to fit the needs of students and harps of all sizes It was causing a lot of stress on my hip joints. I was searching for a good stable, adjustable chair which I could also use on gigs.

The really expensive chairs are nice, but not transportable and just way too expensive. I thought I'd give this a try. It is just wonderful to have the same height at the harp out on a gig that you have at home, and to have such a comfortable chair to sit in for long practice spells.

It really helps to have the right chair. I can sit up straight and be at the perfect height for playing. The only thing difficult about it is there is no carry bag for it. It would be nice to have a backpack bag to carry it in. I may end up making something, as I cannot live without this chair being with me on gigs.

I did make it a little more special by taking a pattern from a dinning room chair slip cover, measured it to make it a custom fit and made covers from different fabrics for different occasions. Velvets, brocades for the holidays. Ultrasuede, baroque tapestry and summer florals. They also could be monogramed. I added side and back pockets for easy, handy storage. These can be closed with zippers or velcro. I was using my backless bench, which was fine, but for long performances, my back would hurt.

With this chair, I was able to play my lever harp for 5 hours on Valentine's Day with no discomfort, and play my pedal harp at a 4-hour Bridal Fair, and I was fine. No back pain at all.Welcome to Harps of Praise!

Reuben builds the harps, and four of our children, Joel, Darlene, Daisy, and Joshua, have enjoyed learning to play them. We offer highest quality affordable harps, for both beginning students and professionals. Our harps come in all sizes, from a string lap harp to a string large harp. We also build psalteries and bowed psalteries.

These beautiful instruments are carefully and individually handcrafted, using solid hardwood. The soundboard is made of aircraft birch, the strongest, lightest, and highest resounding material available. Much time is spent finishing each instrument, hand-rubbing to a smooth, satiny luster, which is sure to please you! Most importantly, and best of all, our harps are known for their lovely sound: the clear, sweet, ringing tones of the lap harps, and the rich, majestic resonance of the large harps.

We also offer instrumental harp recordings by Harps of Praise, how-to books, sheet music, musicards, padded harp and psaltery covers, harp stools, and tuners. We look forward to serving you and helping you fill your home with heavenly music! Little Lindsey. Rippling Brook. Shepherd Harp. Celestial Lap Harp. Gothic Harp. Majesty Harp. Instrumental Harp Recordings by Harps of Praise. Padded Harp and Psaltery Covers. How to Order. Transporting Your Harp.The 3-Wheel design is engineered to rotate over stairs, making the transition up and down easier.

Bow Brand has been producing natural gut strings for the music industry for over years. Although much has changed over the years with advances in chemical technology and the introduction of new machinery, the craft still relies heavily on manual expertise.

Our manufacturing processes depend on a fine balance of automated production and skilled craftsmanship, guaranteeing that every string leaving the Bow Brand factory has been given the best individual care and attention that a gut string needs to make it a market leader! Summerhays Music has a wide variety of harp covers to protect your instrument when storing or moving it.

We recommend Elegant Harp Covers for their high quality, fleece lining, and durability. A tuning key should come with the rental or purchase of your harp.

It is a good idea to have an extra tuning key to use when performing and traveling with the harp. Skip to content. Nomad Hercules Stageline Sonata Stagg. Using the highest level in quality. Pratt Camac Six Wheel Dolly. All Chamber and Empress harps have come with a polymer socket with a hole to engage the dolly since it was developed.

Earlier models will be provided with the mounting hardware at no extra charge with the purchase of the Pratt Harp Dolly. Pratt will modify harp covers produced before the design of the dolly to create openings in the correct location to accommodate and attaching the strap handles to the top cover necessary to securely hold onto the instrument while moving it.

What to Do When You Have Hard Stools

The Pratt Dolly will not work with the Princessa or Debutante, though adapters can be installed. The handle turns to make the harp and dolly one movable unit. Provides security and ease in moving your Camac harp.

Weighs less than 15 lbs. Non-slip, rubber-covered base Shearling wool for protection Industrial strength nylon straps at neck Extremely maneuverable. Nylon strings best for the higher octaves on a harp or for harps that are made to be strung in nylon.

Tarnish resistant: Nickel plated wire strings that will not tarnish turn black with age and use. Harp Covers.

Elegant Harp Cover Features: Pockets for carrying music, tuning keys, and other accessories Straps for lifting and transport Pre-made designs for most harps Custom design options to meet any specification desired.

Harp Tuning Key.As a result of the pandemic outbreak in Europe, Salvi Harps has come to the decision to temporarily shut down its factory in Italy as well as its Salvi Music locations…. Heir of a musical family of entrepreneurs and performers, young Victor Salvi became a professional harpist performing with the New York Philharmonic and…. Harptacular brings a unique learning, networking and performance opportunity to a cities across America!

Harpissima in Italy and Europe is bringing a unique opportunity for learning and knowledge of the harp world at its highest level. Join Salvi Harps for an event featuring local and international harpist recitals,…. December 20th will be the last open day of our location at Via Cadore, after which we will move a little further away to the corner of Via Comelico,….

For those who dream, dream the best. Therefore, harpists dream a Salvi. Salvi Harps offers an unequalled sound quality, uses exclusive production technologies and counts on skilled and passionate craftsmen. The range includes harps for each investment choice: from beginners to students, from teachers to performers on stages around the world.

Or, for those seeking just the beauty and want to own the instrument because of its magnificence. Because a Salvi harp has value and because it fulfills your dreams. January 15 — 19, This site or third-party tools used by the site, make use of cookies that are necessary for its functionality and useful for the purposes outlined in the cookie policy.

By clicking on "Accept" you are agree to the use of cookies. Accept See our Cookie Policy.Posted In: Coffee Break. A stool Danielle, only ever a stool, of a corresponding height for the size of your harp and the height of your upper body. Best go looking in second hand furniture shops or purloin from your family… I would warn you that a cup shaped stool with a lip is most uncomfortable on the underside of your thighs, so best to have a flat or round topped stool.

I certainly have a collection of stools here. I use a standard music bench. I have a collapsible one that has a carrying case that I use outside the house. The portable one is a little thin on the padding, but works well.

They just get in the way. Freedom of motion in the arms is essential. For indoor playing, I have a reupholstered vanity bench in the exact height I want. It pretty much resembles my piano bench except with cabriole legs and cotton fabric cover. For playing outside informally, I like a simple folding stool with metal legs and a plastic seat. The latter is because some folding chairs are made for sitting right in the center. In that case, if you tend to sit on the edge of the chair while playing, it might become unstable and flip forward.

The obvious choice would be to get a standard folding music bench or stool. The height is adjustable and they are padded for comfort:. For the longest time I used an adjustable padded bench that was big and cumbersome and at times heavy, eventually I grew tired of it. I have 2 Adjustrite Chairs — one at each of my harps at home. Each leg adjusts. Recently my daughter had it repaired and refinished for my birthday.

I use an adjustable bench at home and at concerts with my pedal harp. For most rehearsals, I use a piano bench at the church where we meet. I have the bench lower for my lever harp, and the chairs at the church where I usually play it are the same height, so I use one of their chairs when I play lever.

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